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layout ReQueSt form
(( Fill out and post must be an lj cut- .. ))
<*lj-cut*> (request form) <*/lj-cut*> just take out the stars!

title or description Journal Title:
title or description
title or descriptionColor Scheme: (cyp2.com has different colors u can choose from them IF U DONT PROVIDE A HEX CODE [THE COLOR NUMBER] WE WONT CANT DO YOUR LAYOUT. )
title or descriptionFont Style:
title or descriptionFont Size:
title or descriptionFont Color:
title or descriptionBackground Image & Details: (Post a link to the picture and or the color of the backround)
title or descriptionBackground Scrolling: (repeat, no repeat)
title or descriptionScrollbar Colors:
title or descriptionEntry Box Alignment: (left, right, center, etc.)
title or descriptionEntry Box Background Color: (Or put 'transparent' if you want your background image to show through)
title or descriptionBorder Style: (none, solid, double, dotted, dashed)
title or descriptionBorder Color:
title or descriptionBorder Thickness: (Put 1 - 10, 10 being the thickest, or put a specific thickness in pixels)
title or descriptionComment Link Text:
(Put what you would like your comment links to say...)
-for Post Comment
-for View Comments
title or descriptionLink Colors:
title or descriptionLink Decorations:( pick 1-2)
(Put an effect for each link state below: none, strikethrough, flipping, bold, underline, overline, highlight, letter spacing)
title or descriptionAny Details/Anything Else:
title or descriptionAny Questions/Comments:
title or descriptionemail address:
title or descriptiontitle or description MUST SEND PASSWORD THROUGH EMAIL, send to xoojello@aol.com (lalachickenbutt) or xxmar495@yahoo.com(evilmar) depending on WHO said they'd do your layout
title or descriptionthe site u promoted on
ALSO, IT HAS TO BE ON LIVEJOURNAL, EITHER AT A COMMUNITY OR IN A LJ, YOU MUST PROMOTE ON LIVEJOURNAL TWICE AND GIVE LINKS TO IT...you can use this banner for right now, there will be more available later.. One of your promotions should be in your layouts info...just copy the link below and paste into the info section thanks!!!!

title or description

hey were are NOT accepting any more moderators at the moment, but request request request

ONLY go to these people for layouts
title or descriptionLAYOUTS-title or description
LaLachickenbutt email xoojello@aol.com aim evilmarx16
EviLmar email xxmar495@yahoo.com aim falloutgirlxx3
if you want a scroll bar layout (like our community layout) that go to -
heartxofxstars aim katch my star x

title or descriptionICONS-title or description
lala and evilmar do icons but our primary icon maker is
clashing_star im x0Kanadian0x

okay thanks, just follow the rules and we'll have your journal ready as quickly as possible!