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layout request form- want lalachickenbutt to do it

(

Journal Title: take my heart, ill let you break it
Color Scheme: FFFFFE
Font Style: comic sans ms
Font Size: 8
Font Color: black
Background Image & Details: http://www.livejournal.com/community/killer_layouts/4198.html#cutid1 want the pic of the boy givin the heart to the girl. under "its all happening"
Background Scrolling: no repeat
Scrollbar Colors: white and black
Entry Box Alignment: center
Entry Box Background Color: transparent)
Border Style: double
Border Color: black
Border Thickness: 2
Comment Link Text:
(Put what you would like your comment links to say...)
-for Post Comment- the only broken hearted loser
-for View Comments- u'll ever need
Link Colors: black
Link Decorations: strike through
Any Details/Anything Else: yeah i didnt know how to explain this but i want my journal to look this this http://www.livejournal.com/users/stfu____slut/ but with the colors i listed and i want the entry boxes centered and have the background pic at the top where its still the normal size of where ur getting it from. and then when u scroll down the entry boxes come up. if that made sense.
Any Questions/Comments: thank you to who does this, so much.
email address: ladii_infamous_666@yahoo.com
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