aRiiaNa♥♥ (ariana8716) wrote in killer_layouts,

Layout ReQuest.(i would like lalachickenbutt to do it)

Journal Title:When i touched your hand..E V E R Y T H I N G changed.

Color Scheme: ( has different colors u can choose from them IF U DONT PROVIDE A HEX CODE [AAAAAA] WE WONT CANT DO YOUR LAYOUT. )
Font Style:century gothic
Font Size:8
Font Color:pink
Background Image & Details: (
Background Scrolling: (no repeat)
Scrollbar Colors:white,pink
Entry Box Alignment: (left)
Entry Box Background Color: (grey)
Border Style: (solid)
Border Color:grey
Border Thickness: ( 3)
Comment Link Text:
(Put what you would like your comment links to say...)
-touch me
-touched me
Link Colors: grey
Link Decorations:( pick 1-2)
(Put an effect for each link state below:strikethrough)
Any Details/Anything Else:
Any Questions/Comments:
MUST SEND PASSWORD THROUGH EMAIL, send to (lalachickenbutt) or depending on WHO said they'd do your layout
the site u promoted on
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