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Layout Request

Journal Title: Your gentlemen caller? Well, he's been calling on another...
Journal Subtitle: Tell me everything is wonderful now...
Page Cursor: an X
Link Cursor: an X
Color Scheme: hot pink
Font Style: Arial Narrow
Font Size: 10
Font Color: hot pink
Text Alignment: centered
Background Image & Details:
Background Scrolling: no repeat
Scrollbar Colors: hot pink
Entry Box Alignment: center
Entry Box Background Color: transparent
Border Style: dotted
Border Color: hot pink
Border Thickness: 4
Comment Link Text:
(Put what you would like your comment links to say...)
-for Post Comment Wish for something you can't have
-for View Comments #wishes
Link Colors: hot pink
Link Decorations: strikethrough, letter spacing, flipping
(Put an effect for each link state below: none, strikethrough, flipping, bold, underline, overline, highlight, letter spacing)
Any Details/Anything Else:
Any Questions/Comments: This is a REALLY good site.
the site u promoted on: my webpage & AIM
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