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Journal Title:I'll write your name across the wall
Journal Subtitle:with all the blood that spills from my heart
Page Cursor:idk...a cool one?
Link Cursor: /\/\
Color Scheme: 000000
Font Style:Century gothic
Font Size:8
Font Color:9933cc
Text Alignment: centered
Background Image & Details:
Background Scrolling: no repeat
Scrollbar Colors:purple and black
Entry Box Alignment: left
Entry Box Background Color: transparent
Border Style: solid
Border Color:9966cc
Border Thickness:6
Comment Link Text:
Put what you would like your comment links to say...)
-for Post Comment message count- lost their breath 'cause
-for View Comments i'm tearing out your lungs
Link Colors: 9933cc
Link Decorations:letter spacing
Any Details/Anything Else:
Any Questions/Comments:i've never dont his before so if i want something changed afterwards could i just suggest certain things?
email address:amim1ssing@yahoo.com
the site u promoted on
http:://www.livejournal.com~__rate_this and http:://www.livejournal.com/~emo_band_icons
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