amber CHOIKE (sayyouneverlie) wrote in killer_layouts,
amber CHOIKE

Well, I'm kind of bored and mad so here's an update for you... its LONG!

One of my older layouts

My Almost Famous Layout

My Current Layout

Icons I Made:

You can probably tell which ones I made for myself because they are a lot nicer and the ones I made for other people were pretty crappy sometimes, becuase I didn't really care. And I made some of them a long while ago when I wasn't such a fricken computer nerd genius... lol

This crap is stuff I used for backgrounds and friends only things and whatnot... I don't know, maybe someone can find this shit useful.


I took these on the fourth, I thought they were fun.

I'm generally pretty artsy and crafty and full of useless information so if you need help or ideas or whatever let me know.

So comment or something... :-/
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